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A Safe, Healthy, Thriving Neighborhood

Building on ten years of Youth UpRising service and success in Castlemont.

Our Vision

Castlemont Renaissance is a new nonprofit organization bringing resources and forging partnerships that will transform the community with and for legacy residents.  Our vision includes:

Educated and Engaged Young People

World-class schools that begin with early childhood language interventions, ensure all children are reading by 3rd grade, engage older learners in addressing their neighborhood's challenges, and prepare all graduates for college and career.

Mixed-Income Housing

Existing poor quality housing stock is transformed into high-quality mixed-income housing, with new multi-family housing serving a range of incomes, and home ownership opportunities are available to legacy residents.

High Quality of Life

Indoor and outdoor facilities and supportive programs and services create a strong sense of connection and promote the health, safety, employability and longevity of all residents.

Thriving Local Businesses

Neighbors have access to a mix of goods and services centered along a commercial corridor.  And local ownership and employment opportunities are commonplace.


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